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Distribution network composite cross arm

SHEMAR developed composite cross arm of SHEMAR distribution line through deep research on the causes of frequent lightning trip of distribution lines, which effectively improved the lightning resistance voltage value and reduced the lightning trip rate. At the same time, the horizontal arrangement of insulation parts prevents flashover accidents. In the case of ensuring the strength of the product, the weight of the product is greatly reduced, only 1/2 of the weight of the traditional angle iron cross load, and the installation is convenient.

Meet the life cycle requirements under the worst environmental conditions.:Through the in-depth study of the high temperature vulcanized silicone rubber auxiliary shed cover material, the overall vacuum injection process is adopted to make the aging resistance of the auxiliary shed cover material reach the international leading level, and can withstand the harsh assessment of the whole life cycle operation under the worst environmental conditions.

Reduce the lightning trip rate:Compared with the iron cross arm, the composite cross arm of distribution line effectively increases the creepage distance and the lightning withstand voltage value by 1.5 times. 50 transmission lines with lightning trip history in the areas with frequent lightning strikes were applied in the State Grid pilot project. The annual lightning trip times of the pilot line and the nearby traditional transmission line were compared. The results show that: the traditional line trips 19 times, but the composite cross arm does not trip, which effectively proves that the composite cross arm has a prominent role in reducing lightning trip.

Lower cost:SHEMAR distribution line composite cross arm can meet the requirements of the whole life cycle, and provide 30 years of quality assurance. Even in the worst environmental conditions, it can ensure the reliable operation of the product, and the whole life cycle is maintenance free, avoiding the high cost of accidents and operation and maintenance.

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