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About us

Focus on the existing and sustainable development problems of the industry, and provide solutions through technological innovation.



Learn about the latest company, products, business news and technological developments of SHEMAR POWER. Every day, SHEMAR is bringing safer and more economical electric energy closer to you.



Building a new generation of power system with new materials and technologies.


Building a new generation of power system with new materials and technologies

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Long-life line composite insulator

Through the innovation of design, materials and technology, especially the in-depth and systematic research of the high temperature vulcanized silicone rubber material for the external insulating auxiliary shed, the performance reaches the international leading level and can meet the application under the worst environment conditions. The composite insulator of SHEMAR line covers all voltage levels of AC-DC current, with an AC of 35kv-1000kv and DC ± 400kV~ ± 1100kV, and in the field of UHV AC and DC in China, the market share is among the top.

  • Qinghai Golmud Lhasa ± 400kV DC network

    The world's worst weather environment, product application rate of 60%。The highest altitude,5232m, the average altitude: 4700m. Temperature range: - 45 ℃ - 40 ℃ Average UV intensity: 6680mj / m2

  • Huainan Nanjing Shanghai UHVAC transmission and substation Xinghua section

  • ± 800kV tension string of Jinping Sunan project

    SHEMAR is the world's first supplier of large tonnage tension strings in UHV AC / DC systems, representing the highest level of international composite insulator tension strings.

  • Xiangjiaba Shanghai ± 800kV UHVDC transmission project

    SHEMAR long life line composite insulator is applied to Xiangjiaba Shanghai ± 800kV UHVDC transmission demonstration project, which opens the prelude of its application in the UHV project of State Grid.

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