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Gas insulated composite bushing

SHEMAR gas insulated composite bushing is mainly composed of hollow composite insulator, conductive rod and shielded electrode. While inheriting the performance advantages of SHEMAR hollow composite insulator, the mature overall sealing scheme and optimized structure design are combined to ensure the stable and reliable electrical performance, mechanical performance and sealing performance of the products in the economical way.

Structure design:for the casing under different voltage levels, the design of bushing electrode and pressure sharing ring is optimized to reduce the cost and meet the requirements of industry standards.

Electrical performance:SHEMAR has the independent electrical test and detection ability at present. Through the test and verification of switch bushing of each voltage grade, all electrical performance indexes of the product can meet and exceed the value specified in the standard.

Sealing performance:according to different product characteristics, choose sealing material, structure and design, and the annual leakage rate index of SHEMAR is less than 0.1%, lower than 0.5% of national standard.

Lower cost:SHEMAR can provide the good overall design solution of a full series of switch bushing, and realize self-made of all parts of the product, effectively control the product quality, manufacturing cost and delivery time; complete a full set of factory test, save test cost for users; direct installation of products can save labor cost for users; the products are delivered directly to the construction site to save the cost of packaging and transportation for users.

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